The Oxford Centre

The Oxford Center is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility licensed to provide all levels of care located in Lafayette County, just outside of Oxford, Mississippi.  The 110-acre wooded property has a main lodge, several resident cabins, an athletic facility, miles of walking trails and a large private lake.  Wildlife, including deer, turkey, rabbits and squirrels, freely roam the vast acreage, serving to accentuate the pastoral nature of this peaceful environment. Peace, tranquility and serenity are the defining attributes of The Oxford Centre.  Men and women come here devastated by addiction and in severe physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  Only in a quiet, safe sanctuary such as this can the healing truly begin.   

The Oxford Centre was created to meet a very real and growing need -- quality, comprehensive care for those struggling with disorders. At the very forefront was the necessity for a medical detox and stabilization program followed by a strong residential treatment component. At The Oxford Centre, 12 beds are devoted to detox with the remaining beds providing residential treatment.

The Oxford Centre provides quality, cost-effective treatment services for all addictive disorders with a specific focus on the successful treatment of opiate dependency. The necessity for specialized opiate addiction treatment is escalating at a rapid rate across the country.  In a recent 10-year period, while admissions for alcohol treatment remained static, admissions for opiate addiction increased by 65%.  This is due, in large part, to the pervasiveness and addictive nature of opiates, particularly in the form of prescription medication.  

For many individuals, struggling with chemical dependency the first step in the recovery process is detox and medical stabilization. Detox is the key that unlocks the door to future sobriety.  Only when the physical and psychological dependence is interrupted, or broken altogether, can the addicted individual begin to entertain the idea of a clean life; a life free from drugs or alcohol.